Smena station — co-working, co-living, community.

Смена, а значит и все наше комьюнити, выходит на новый уровень — заезды станут по-настоящему международными, сведя вместе цифровых кочевников со всего света.
Мы собираем вдохновляющих профессионалов своего дела, готовых расти вместе, быть частью команды, делиться своей энергией с другими, идти вместе быстрее и дальше.
Правильно окружение — это стопроцентная гарантия успеха.
«Не могу даже представить каково это было — сесть на лодку в начале 19 века и плыть 6 недель в неизвестность на далекий континент. Страна иммигрантов и вольнодумцев неспроста знает толк в комьюнити.
Здесь в Соединенных Штатах, четыре года назад, началось наше исследование ценностей, инструментов и законов успешных сообществ. Так что с большим волнением мы рады добавить в нашу сеть Станций Смена коливинг и коворкинг в США»

Основатель проекта и куратор #smenausa
The system of relationships is at the heart of the community. Your social network represents a long-term interest for you.
Find out your community — that is the purpose. It will prolong your life and spice up your time.
Join our community
Our station
Where else can you experience real New York City but living in a factory building loft? This beast has been home for artists, designers, entrepreneurs and trendsetters for more then a decade and developed a strong community and personality that you’ll dive into while being a part of Smena.
It has:
  • 4 bedrooms (5 members and 2 curators)
  • 15,000 sq.ft rooftop with skyline views
  • Spacious common area with 15-foot ceilings for work, leisure and lectures
  • Private patio for members
  • A fully stocked bathroom
  • A nearby park for jogging and yoga
  • A fully stocked kitchen
  • Laundry in the building
  • Verizon FIOS 75/75mb/s Wi-Fi
  • Glowforge - first ever home laser for cutting and engraving any materials.

Room is shared with one person of same gender or one per couple.

От коливинга 1 минута до метро и 10 минут до Манхэттана, 20 минут пешком до Вильямсбурга.
Прямо в здании есть кафе и арт-галереи, а вокруг — десятки магазинов и ресторанов.
Smena's schedule
07.07 — morning exercise
08.45 — breakfast together
09.15 — swimming to the opposite island
12.00 — lecture "How to overcome procrastination" by one of the participant
13.00 — free time
18.00 — surfing at sunset
19.30 — dinner together
22.00 — evening activity on the beach
23.00 — only quiet games
How to apply?
Cost of participation
Smena station is a nonprofit project.
As for financial part, we use the principle of radical transparency. It means that we pool resources to improve the standard of living.
The collective fee of each participant is $ 690 for three weeks.
The budget of project is divided by the participants.
What does the fee consist of?
The fee consists of:
  • $100 - curators' wage
  • $500 - share of house rent
  • $20 - communal needs
  • $20 - electricity, bills, internet
  • $50 - Smena development contribution
How do we select participants?
1. Submitting the form
2. Video call
3. Offer from Smena
4. Sending of 50% booking deposit

We get a lot of applications and sometimes two weeks are needed for the reviewing. But generally we respond within a week.
Participation criteria

We will gladly accept you, if you:

  • Share the value of the community;
  • Older than 18 years;
  • You are making a project that you are proud of;
  • You have a remote job or you want to start it up;
  • You can make your own visa, insurance and buy tickets;
  • Ready to pass 3 weeks at Smena;
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture for participants;
  • Ready to pass the interview in English.
The dates of sessions
Session length — 2 weeks.
03/10/2017 — 16/10/2017
17/10/2017 — 30/10/2017
31/10/2017 — 13/11/2017
14/11/2017 — 27/11/2017
28/11/2017 — 11/12/2017
12/12/2017 — 25/12/2017

You can join us for several sessions or book a single room — just mention it in your application.
Team Smena USA
This Station is curated by the founders of Smena – Nikita and Anastasia. They've been living in NYC for the past several years (when not traveling around the world) and are willing to share with you their secret spots and bring you into local communities of the City.
Nikita Kuimov
Founder of Smena
Master of International space law, videographer, founder of ByeByeBadBoss, and Turbomasala, entrepreneur, speaks English, Chinese and French.

Nikita believes: you should only make money doing what you love. In his case — helping other people, creating a community, responsible travelling and skill-sharing. His calm and smooth energy, zen and harmony twisted with experience and vision helps people around him to reach their goals. He grew up with 5 brothers and a sister. The past seven years he has spent with his soulmate Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova. It seems that nothing can throw him off the balance neither on solid ground nor in the water where he is frequently seen surfing. A useless but cute fact — on the wave his grey eyes become turquoise.

Favorite quote:
"There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way."
 — Christopher Morley
Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova
Founder of Smena
A graduate of Moscow State University with a degree in psychology, professional photographer and videographer, fashionista and co-founder of Turbomasala. Anastasia does seasonal business in Russia, USA and Europe. She also provides original storytelling and team-building workshops.

Anastasia is a generator. She knows how everything works, knows the price of this world and of her own ideas. She asks the necessary questions and will not rest until uncovering the truth. Being a perfectionist, she always brings everything to an optimal result. There's one thing she cannot stand — a waste of time and resources. An ambassador of the Epytom brand, she follows the idea that you can be trendy with only 40 pieces of clothes in your wardrobe. Anastasia is an explorer, an analyzer and keeps everything in meticulous order. Her endless power has been the catalyst behind the creation of Smena Station. A founder of Holiday Orbs, a thriving family business. In addition, she was one broken ankle away from representing Russia on the national snowboarding team. A great surfer and a person who is never blind to problems of others.
Why did we choose New-York?
Нью-Йорк. И еще раз Нью-Йорк.
Столица моды, финансов и контркультуры
Практика английского и общение с носителями.
Вход в местные комьюнити и
сотрудничество по личным проектам.
Баланс работы и отдыха.
Лайфхаки по получению максимума инсайтов и впечатлений от мегаполиса.
Can I join you for several Sessions?
Yes, we'll gladly take you if there will be enough free spots which are first come first serve.
Do I need a special type of visa?
No, you can be a tourist to join Smena.
Will you help with visa application?
Unfortunately we can't help with it, but it's not that hard and all the information is very accessible online.
May I come for the shorter/longer period?
No, Smena has an arranged program so everybody needs to join and leave the station at the same time (however, we can sometimes work around one or two days).
Can you meet me in the airport?
No, but you can arrive by taxi or public transportation.
What should I bring with me?
We provide with bed linen, but not towels. Do not forget to take everything you need for work, traveler's insurance and suncream's lovely hot here. You can always buy other necessary stuff in the store nearby, but if you need something special (like contact lenses), bring it with you.
May I take my partner/friend/relative?
Yes if s/he meets application and admission criteria and either applies on his\her own or answers the questions within your application.
May I take my pet?
Please indicate in the application and we'll try our best! Pet doesn't need another application)
General issues
For convenience, we have collected all answers to the most common questions here.