A remote work adventure in Morocco with a community of people you're going to miss
What are we up to?

Join our community in Sidi Kaouki for two weeks and focus on business goals while socializing with likeminded remote workers at daily facilitated events. Our core values resonate with the 10 Principles of Burning Man and we're living by them daily. Since 2016 we hosted 1400+ digital nomads at our locations in 14 countries and we invite you to co-create our first English-spoken sessions and forge lifelong connections with dreamers and doers.

What's so special about our coliving?
Likeminded peers
We cracked the code of how to catalyze camaraderie and how to facilitate collaborative social networking among inspiring people from all across the globe. We manually process every application to find people who are a great fit for each session. Our mission is to forge a supportive and active community. We aim to bring Burning Man principles outside of the event and practice radical inclusion, giving, immediacy and share the desire to live as we want and not as we should.
Remote work in paradise
Coliving is a form of housing in which residents share living spaces and first of all their values and life goals. We've hosted 100+ sessions and know what remote workers and digital nomads are looking for. There is no need to take days off to spend two weeks on a beach - just grab your laptop and fly.
Daily events
Acquire first-hand knowledge and new skills while bringing ideas to life. Each session 'feels' like a summer camp for adults where each member is given a chance to share his knowledge or experience with others. The event schedule is based on proven project management tools and personal growth techniques. All meetings are guided by professional facilitators. Since 2016 we forged hundreds of long-term connections and helped people move their projects forward.
An example of our daily schedule
7:30 am - Yoga\running on the beach
9:00 am - Discussing daily goals while having breakfast together
10:00 am to 5 pm - Coworking time! Trying out Pomodoro or other productivity techniques
12:30 pm - Going to a nearby cafe for a short lunch
6:00 pm - Community dinner
7:00 pm - Authentic relating session or three 20-minuted TED workshops by coliving members
8:30 pm - Tea time and a short check-in on how each one of us is feeling 'here and now'
10:00 pm - Quite meaningful discussions or bedtime for early birds

*The program is as much yours as ours, and it’s always open for suggestions. Make things happen!
Sidi Kaouki
A tiny surfer village on the pacific with a small population of friendly berbers and only positive foreigners. Endless empty beaches and good infrastructure.

Great waves for both beginners and medium level surfers, warm weather!
Calm and smiling berbers - nomadic tribes of Morocco - in a fishermen village on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.
Visa-free and hassle-free travel with an option to stay in the country for up to 3 months.
Vibrant ancient culture, lively markets with great prices (don't forget to bargain!) and amazing food (plenty of vegetarian options available).
A comfortable villa in a 3 minute walk from the beach
A spaciaous house with a swimming pool and private territory that will only be used by our group and personnel. 62mbps Wi-Fi + backup sim cards provided by Smena.

We're located close to Essouira and it's airport. Essouira is accessible by a short taxi ride and by public transport. It's not only a vibrant old town, but also a former movie set for some parts of the famous Game of Thrones TV show.
26.09.2021 - 09.10.2021
First two-week session
10.10.2021 - 23.10.2021
Second two-week session
If you previously participated in Smena Station you get an additional $100 off any of the offers below.
Meet your facilitators
Kitti Borissza
Digital Marketer, Former Trip Facilitator at Hacker Paradise
Kitti is a freelancer for 5 years, nomadic for 3. She is an advocate for free and alternative ways of living, remote work and sustainability. She hosts conversations all around the world on things that matter. Currently builds a startup to save the world.
Nikita Kuimov
Founder of Smena Station, ByeByeBadBoss and inChange Project Camp.
After getting a master's degree in international space law, Nikita decided to pivot and pursue his dream of travelling and exploring the world through people and communities. He's founded several communities of his own, and now teaching others how to turn strangers into peers through facilitation and empowerment.
Anastasia Klimova-Kuimov
Founder of Smena Station and Holiday Orbs
Methodologist of Smena Station, facilitator and communicator, Anastasia has a mindblowing amount of skills that make her an amazing manager and passionpreneur. She has started several non-profit ventures empowering women around the world to start self-sustainable businesses. Did we tell you that she's also a skilled millinery designer?
Let's meet!
Our facilitators and founders are looking forward to meeting new amazing people and if you're already reading this - you might be a great fit for our community. Fill out this short form and we'll get in touch shortly!
Hi, my name is..
Link to your social media profile
What project or skills you have and willing to share with others
What dates are you interested in?
Feedback from past participants
(and current members of our community)
Co-founder of ziferblat.net
"...after morning meditation, I sat down and worked with everyone else, as we all had something we were building remotely, and you could easily catch that productive "coworking" vibe. If you were feeling stuck with your work or needed another perspective on something, there was always someone to ask. Every day, we had insightful workshops. The founders carefully select coliving members so that everyone has something to equally learn and share."
Javier Hernandez
Mechanical engineer and product designer
"I'm interested in innovation. I'm dreaming of creating my own company that will make products to improve society and provide autonomous solutions for daily life, and I believe that community is something that will help me achieve those goals. I have participated in three sessions of their retreats and see this project as a perfect place to meet talented people from different fields. Getting that kind of firsthand experience is valuable and hard to find."
Smena Station is a rapidly growing community of remote workers and digital nomads
Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, travelers, and simply amazing people have attended our events
Years since we opened our first coliving location and started building our patented event framework
Coliving locations around the world in Portugal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malta, Russia, Georgia, and more
What about COVID?
Yes, we understand that hosting a digital nomad gathering amid a worldwide pandemic is not a stroll in the park. However, we've already hosted 20+ sessions in 4 countries since July 2020 and are taking all the necessary precautions to make your trip as safe as possible.

We're kindly asking everyone who is coming to start observing their health for 10 days before coming and we'll be measuring the temperature of everyone for the first 3 days upon arrival. Instant BIOSENSOR tests are available for everyone's peace of mind.
Will I be able to work full time during the session?
Yes, our scheduled is designed with full time remote workers in mind and there is enough free time between events to do all the calls you need to stay productive.
Can I join the project if I don't have remote work or my own project?
It's possible, but it's important to remember that Smena is not designed as a vacation, it's an immersive collaborative experience that if most valuable when you have a project or skills (or at least remote education) that you'll be busy with while staying with us.
What's included in the price?
Accommodation, high-speed Wi-Fi, backup Sim Cards, all the events that are 'inside' the Coliving. All the outside events manifested by members of the community (for example if we decide to share a minibus to travel to another town) are out of pocket. So as your aeroplane tickets and all the food except for the fist dinner.
Is it possible to come for a shorter/ longer period?
Unfortunately no, Smena has a program and you must arrive and leave the house according to the schedule. This allows us to create an amazing group dynamic that we cherish.
Can I go with a friend / relative/ in couple?
Yes if only he / she also applies and is selected.
Is it possible to come with a pet?
Mark it in the application form, we will try do our best! (Your pet doesn't need to fill out another application form).
Can I bring my kids?
We sometimes host separate sessions for families with kids, check our schedule!
Let's stay in touch
Tips for digital nomads and stories from inspiring members of our community - no more than 3 times a month and no spam - pinky promise!