Smena Station
Peer-driven community of like-minded remote workers and a network of hubs where we live, work and grow.
Rigorous interview process allows us to blend successful people from around the globe creating life-long professional and personal connections.
Smena's daily routine is a balance between work and leisure. We are constantly sharing and improving the tools that help us be more productive and achieve our goals.
Everyone pays a fair share to make the project happen and puts effort into helping others by sharing their knowledge and experience - this type of sharing economy benefits everyone in the community.
Smena /smê‧na/
Russian - noun
  1. shift (a set group of workers, campers or a period of working time)
  2. move or cause to move from one place to another.
  3. change of emphasis, direction, or focus of.
  4. act of changing (of things, generations etc.)

Make interesting decisions and you will have interesting biography - James Altoucher
What will my days be like?
Since 2016, our patented community building framework of events helped 1200+ remote workers forge long-term connections
There are no strangers, only friends that I haven't met yet.
There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way. — Christopher Morley
Our mission
We are offering a new format of life and productivity, not only for people working remotely, but also for those who ever desired to shape their own way of living. A network of hubs around the world (Sri Lanka, Malta, Thailand, Montenegro, Russia, Mexico, Portugal) supporting our core values: joint creativity, authentic experiences, location-independent productivity and an array of views and directions. For Smena, life experience outweighs monetary possession.
A skill of choosing one's community is a skill of someone who is ready to take responsibility for the state of his soul. © Julianna Wilson
You are the 5 people you are spending most time with.

Make interesting decisions and you will have interesting biography - James Altoucher