Our beloved team
What is "home" for people whose lives don’t revolve around one city or even country? We offer a new standard of living and productivity for those who work remotely.
We are creating hubs around the world (Portugal, Georgia, Marocco, Thailand, Bali, Sri-Lanka) for people who share our values: co-creation, authentic experience, productivity independent of geography, breadth of vision and direction, prioritizing impressions over possessions.
The value of gifting — you are willing to share your time, knowledge, or emotions without expecting anything in return. More you can read on the Burning Man website.
Radical self-expression — being who you are and fully accepting of others.
Here and Now — being present and deeply immersed in a conversation or moment.
Our values
Our core values are a reflection of our community and who we are in life and work. We were inspired to create these values by Burning Man. We’ll list a few of them here so you get a general idea.
  • Nikita
    Co-founder & visionary
    ✈️ Santa Cruz, CA
    ❤️ There is only one success in life — living it the way you want to live it.
  • Anastasia
    Co-founder & CEO
    ✈️ Santa Cruz, CA
  • Ekaterina
    Head of Product Caravansary
    ✈️ Asia
    ❤️Enjoying life
  • Cathrione
    Interviewer in Caravansary
    ✈️ Istanbul, Turkey
  • Anastasia
    Head of Marketing
    ✈️ Tbilisi, Georgia
    ❤️ Helping to live free
  • Egor
    User Acquisition Manager
    ✈️ Tbilisi, Georgia
    ❤️ Got into the community through a bribe without an interview.
  • Slava
    Website creator
    ✈️ Napoli, Italy
    ❤️ Home is it just a word? Or is it something you carry within you?